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Back again

Yes, another go at blogging. My interest is in getting words down on a page without feeling intimidated by my lack of skills. Life alone has given me plenty of opportunity to examine my life and my choices.Living in Phoenix now, with one eye open to hunting scorpions, and the other eye loving my Grandkids. I've had one run in with a scorpion, he was in my bed and stung me....yikes! Shouldn't your bed be sacred? Phoenix offers more than just the fear of scorpions. Mornings sunrise is spectacular, and our birds are incredibly loud. We also have dozens of hummingbirds, I've promised myself I'm going to start feeding them. The walks up South Mountain are invigorating, and I've met lots of nice people, from all over the world.Book groups and writers groups fill my days, plus visits with my Grans make me happy. Business is not what it was and I've got to learn to be OK with it,learning to live on less and be happy. All in all life is sweet.

December 7,2007

Blog...hmmm, what does that stand for. I'm sure someone must know, but I sure don't. And I've never done one before so its all new news to me. I can't even come up with something clever that it could be. I'll have to work on that.

So what does life look like after 6 months of dancing with cancer? Well, I welcome the return of any hair. The chin hair is winning the race so far. But my head has lots of new hair coming in, about 1/2 inch long, and tweed. My energy is coming back and I welcome each new burst of it. Fun to walk 3 miles and still feel good when I get home. I even bought new walking shoes today, a little celebration. Next week starts my journey with radiation, and like my friend Kathy said, "I'm out of the mood". This cancer thing just last too long.

But then how can I complain, I'm getting so healthy again. And all my treatments have done exactly what we wanted them to do. I'm going to live a much longer life...and without cancer.